The house of the native hunting sight hounds on a Resolute mission!

Resolute Kennel is an honest conservation project run by Tejas Kamalkar

Ever enthusiastic about the caravan hound, Tejas holds a special place in his heart for all lives. Born in the district of Kolhapur, he was brought up in the lively city of Mumbai. Tejas grew up to become a mechanical engineer with an entrepreneurial zeal. Learnt to fix motorcycles on weekends during high school to acquire applied knowledge and eventually landed up in the automotive sector running an automotive workshop successfully and simultaneously with his graduation .At the age of 22, Tejas set up an engineering workshop with an employee which grew into a unit of 7 employees manufacturing packaging machinery components in Mumbai. Recently he has set up a distributorship agency office and warehouse in his hometown Kolhapur. Along with his blooming business, he successfully handled over 50 cases of fostering dogs at his home and getting them adopted on his own expense in a span of 5 years. Indigenous equine, bovine and canine being his special interest, he kept learning about them. Being one of their own, Tejas enjoys staunch support from the locals in the countryside. Learning his houndsmanship from natives, he never bothered about the dog shows. He sprang into the scene only when it was necessary .He noticed a gap between the natives whom these breeds belonged to and the show people who were writing breed standards on their own sabotaging the aboriginal phenotype. New breeds were being recognized and dogs registered. His people helped this enthusiastic young lad who wanted to help the breed. Tejas mentions Natives going out of the way to help him succeed and is immensely grateful. He began tracing every authentic specimen by personally visiting doors and maintaining contacts. The situation there had worsened and he had a hard time hunting for clean lineages. He united the Natives and provided necessary intel of the whereabouts of all the hounds so they could breed them better. Ultimately to keep up to the commitment of preserving these hounds of his homeland; he started collecting the best. His  interest in biology  helped him with genetics, anatomy, reproduction, etc.The modern science clubbed with the native experience was a breakthrough for the indigenous hounds when they were at their all time low. Caravan and Pashmi breeding has regained significance. Once neglected dogs are well looked after and planned to breed well. The show circuit has taken note and breeding adhering original phenotype. This project survives on his Resolute dedication winning over his hardships.

Resolute’s Breeding Mission

To conserve the indigenous Caravan Hound in its original phenotype and lineages. Breeding a healthy non inbred stock by salvaging all the available bloodlines for the next breeder to work with is essential for the future of the Karwani. Not to create one bloodline of Caravans but various lineages to avoid inbreeding by the future breeders. Safeguarding the breed and increasing their diminishing count in the best manner. Introducing only the necessary changes with reasoning but without disturbing the essence of the project. Bred for a phenotype with a temperament and movement restoring the breed to its former glory with no expense or effort spared.


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