The first dedicated website for the aboriginal hounds of India!


It was the time when people were gratified. One had time to nurture a hobby in their elementary lifestyles after the farm chores. What could they possibly do with their animals and these vast lands? They took up this prevalent skill of existence to the level that could challenge men and the beast. Once mandatory as a survival skill was now only pursued as a Game, of hunting.

Welcome to the Deccan plateau,the hunting capital of India. These are the gamelands of the princely state of KOLHAPUR, Maharashtra. Other districts around Kolhapur would be Sangli, Solapur, Satara, Karad, Belgaum, Vijapur, Bagalkot, Mudhol and a few more. The area comprises of the Sahyadri mountain range known as Ghats and the plains called the DES. Scorching heat reaching 46 degrees celsius on the plains crowned by the barbs of the na book. The winding mountains in the thunderous rains to greet on the other end with ghastly obstacles. What could possibly sustain this grim terrain and bolt through it again and all day long ; must  indeed be the Almighty’s fondest creation.

He did his best, he made a Karwani!